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Explore Diamonds By Shape

  • Round


    Modern round brilliant cut diamond showcasing the most recent expression of the gem's sparling optics. Unmistakably the most classic and popular shapes of all.

  • Cushion


    The cushion cut diamond has a long history. It is one of the oldest diamond shapes and a beautiful alternative to Princess and Radiant shape.

  • Oval


    An oval diamond has an elongated shape evokes an understated elegance, optimizing carat weight giving the illusion of a larger appearance.

  • Emerald


    Emerald shape is elegant & sleek, as well as beautifully understated. Great choice for someone who’s romantic and sophisticated.

  • Asscher


    A cut of royalty and reinvention. With its royal heritage, the Asscher cut redesigned and reinvented and always in fashion.

  • Radiant


    A brilliant option, radiant cut has an irresistible combination of round cut’s fire elegance of an emerald cut.

  • Princess


    A modern take on a tradition. The princess cut is among the newest diamond cuts which offers a tremendous amount of brilliance.

  • Heart


    A symbol of Love. A heart-shaped diamond is undoubtedly romantic and the perfect symbol of True Love!

  • Pear


    With its graceful, tapered outline, a pear-shaped diamond is an elegant and flattering choice which is also reminiscent of a teardrop.

  • Marquise


    With its graceful, tapered marquise shaped diamond is so romantic that Its alluring beautiful shape once referred to women’s mouths by aristocrats.

  • Premium & Certified Diamonds

    Michael F & Co. proudly offers only Conflict-Free and Laser-Inscribed Genuine Diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The original digital versions of GIA Diamond certificates are displayed on our diamond search results for your review and Laser Inscribed diamonds are just a piece of mind of what you are about to purchase.
    Our Premium Cut Diamonds always look bigger and brighter than others of comparable weight stones and exceed customer expectations.

    All diamond purchases include original GIA reports which contain security features such as a hologram, security screen and microprint lines that prevent them from being forged or duplicated.
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