Michael F & Company -
New York City

One of the most important and intimate moments of one’s life is giving a jewel to someone they love at a special moment can impact one's life tremendously. Getting the right piece of jewelry is incredibly important, although it may seem like a small gesture can truly mark one's special moment which will last a lifetime. This is why at Michael F. & Company we want not only to ensure that you have a seamless, intuitive shopping experience, but that you are also able to get the right piece of jewelry that expresses the love you want to put back into the world. Over 25 years of experience in the New York Diamond District we have become experts in bridal jewelry. Our true handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands and fine jewelry are not only elegant, but also personal. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and high quality jewelry manufacturing clearly sets us apart from the competition.


Michael F. , Himself

Our history as a consistent, family-run business not only embraces tradition, but also the American dream. Michael originally came to the USA in the early 1990s, having fallen in love with the jewelry business from a young age. Since then, he set his life in motion to not only run an efficient operation, but also create artwork that is just as personable as it is useful. Each piece designed and created by Michael F. seeks to make jewelry not just something that you wear, but an artistic statement that you can claim as a personally validating gesture.

Elina F., Partner & Daughter

Since the beginning of Michael F. & Company the business has expanded to incorporate multiple influences, including Michael’s daughter, Elina. With experience in the family business and a degree from New York University Elina decided that the most fulfilling thing she could do was to continue in the family name, helping contribute to the large catalog and beauty that defines what it means to be Michael F & Co..

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